Universal laptop charger

About laptop charger

Like laptop comes different brands, shape and size, its charger and its port also comes in different shape and sizes. You cannot use one brand’s charger to another brand’s Laptop. Depending upon the power it consumes and system your laptop is built in, laptop chargers and laptop adapters are needs different configures.

Once your laptop charger is dead and it is hard to find, you can go for a universal laptop charger. Charger normally affects your laptop battery life. It is wise to use the original laptop charger. But, if it damaged and you are unable to find, you may use a compatible Universal charger.

Sometimes one laptop charger can fit another brands laptop, but you need to sure about the power it consumes, and the processor it uses. If the processor is the same, you can use one laptop charger or adapter to another laptop. Otherwise, you will damage the laptop.

Universal Laptop Charger comes with a number of Laptop charging port and a Laptop Adapter. You can have various brand’s Universal Laptop Charger available in the market. Well, sometimes it’s hard to find you?re charging adapter and port when your laptop is a bit old but serving pretty well.

Universal Laptop charger solve this problem of your instantly. It is better if you use the original model’s charging port and the adapter. But, if you can find it, you can go for Universal Laptop Charger. When choosing a Universal Laptop charger, you need to be careful about the voltage rating. A wrong voltage rating and outflow can easily damage your laptop.

Universal Laptop charger normally converts your regular electric volts into minimum volt for running your laptop and charging its battery. An interesting fact is, a too high voltage is less dangerous than too low voltage because the too low voltage will fry your power supply. Normally, a laptop charger draws 5amps sometimes 1 to 2 amps it flows. On the contrary, your laptop usage 15 to 30 watts, sometimes it hits 60 watts of the power consumption levels. In the start, laptop usage the highest amount of power than it is kept on standby mode.

Laptop normally consumes around 12c/kWh. A Universal Laptop Charger normally uses the same power to charge the battery. Its charging power level and model range is set depending upon the types of the processor is used in a series of laptop. Different manufacture produces different brands laptop chargers, normally popular brands and model are covered by the universal laptop charger makers. So, before buying a universal laptop charger for your laptop, use your previous laptop charger’s configuration and match it with the charger you are buying. Otherwise, you might damage your laptop or its power supply.