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Types of laptop motherboards

Types of laptop motherboards and Their Parts

Motherboard is the core component of any branded PC, Laptop or Tablet. Various motherboard manufacturing company manufactures different types of motherboards for various Laptops. Sometimes the company itself manufactures its own motherboards. ASUS, GIGABYTE, Micro-Star International are some of the top Laptop Manufacturer. They have maintained very good quality and design over the motherboard compatibility. Almost all the motherboard has the same component and ports but it can differ depending on the version and types of the laptop. Normally, a gaming laptop motherboard and a regular laptop motherboard are different from each other. The motherboard comes with different parts in it which are dedicated to different works and performance for your laptop and desktop.
Such as:

  1. CPU or Central Processor Unit: Microprocessor is another name of the central processor unit. This is more like the Brain of your PC or Laptop. It processes the information you ask. Intel has been always in the top for making the microprocessor.
  2. The Memory of the Computer: To perform the application and information at its best, the microprocessor needs the support of the RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY or RAM. The microprocessor randomly accesses to the RAM for the data is required in processing information.
  3. Basic input and output system or BIOS: It is actually a Read Only Memory. It carries the core application and instruction in it which runs the basic operation of the hardware and system software.
  4. CMOS RAM: Complementary Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor Random Access Memory stores the basic PC configuration and other important computer data.
  5. Cache Memory: Cache Memory actually used for speeding up the performances of the computer. Two types of Cache Memory are used, one is primary and another is secondary memory.
  6. Expansion BUS: Expansion BUS actually used to enhances the performances and capabilities as the user Expansion BUS actually used as the pathway for different devices.
  7. The Chip Set: Computer motherboard has two types of Chipset, North Bridge and South Bridge. It normally controls the data flow to different devices.
  8. The CPU clock: CPU Clock or System Clock shares time with different devices and areas for performing different applications.
  9. Switches and Jumpers: Motherboard has small switch and jumpers which are used to physically on and off some functions of the computer.

One of the interesting things is Apple and Dell do not produce their own laptop motherboard. These two companies mostly outsource their parts and accessories from a quality manufacturer.  Outsourcing sometimes is the best choice for production, so some of the top laptop brands don?t go for producing their laptop parts or motherboards. They develop the design and configuration and then outsource the parts from companies like this. These two companies mostly outsource their parts and accessories from a quality manufacturer.