The board management software for secure communications between executives

Many things depend on a company’s board of directors: the company’s next steps and strategies and, of course, its success. All board members have to be aware of all processes and events, and everything has to be confidential, and modern solutions can provide a program that will help you do that. Board portals help you improve collaboration and automate many processes as well as provide excellent protection. In this article, we will explain in more detail the main features of a council portal that help council members work securely, cohesively, and together. 

What is board management software?

Board portals are online platforms that can be used to both store and share documents and work together on projects and board planning. This software can protect your confidential data, so you can put any notes and notes in there so that your colleagues can have access to them anytime, any day. All of these features help streamline your board’s work and facilitate their deliberate and correct decisions. 

Below we’ll look at the main features of a board portal and how they make it easier and more helpful for meeting participants to interact and connect. 

Schedules and calendar

This tool helps when planning and organizing a meeting, portal managers will be able to organize everything in one centralized location. Other features of this feature: 

Mark on the calendar all prior events, their times, or an entire date range. Everyone on the board will be automatically aware of new events and can go and look at the created schedule themselves

  • Manage the meeting by adding and removing people
  • Use the agenda to invite board members to the meeting and they will be notified immediately
  • Discuss all important issues on a separate offline page
  • Download various files, pictures, or attach notes to the event to get everyone up to speed quickly
  • After the meeting, you can archive it and refer to it as needed
  • Administrator of the portal and chairman of the board are allowed to view reports and results after meetings
  • Monitor and track meeting attendance 

Documents and folders

Organize space as will be more convenient for you and your colleagues besides: 

  • Create and name unlimited folders
  • Administrator has the right to control access to any file and folder. restrict access to some users and give more rights to others
  • Drag function will simplify the organization of your documents
  • You can also organize folders by tags 

Task Management

One of the most important features in any board portal is the collaborative features, they help managers distribute tasks to other users more effectively and participants can complete them better: 

  • Distribute tasks to lists and set deadlines
  • Tasks can be assigned to an individual user or an entire team
  • All users are automatically notified of their upcoming tasks
  • Both supervisor and participant can edit the document, leave notes, comments, and attach other details
  • Participants can view a list of their tasks and organize them according to delivery priority 


With board management software, discussing a topic has become much easier and safer: 

  1. Upload your ideas or announcements to the platform
  2. You will not lose track of what has been said on the topic, you will find everything easy to find
  3. If any user leaves a comment you will be instantly notified by email
  4. You can reply to comments without logging indirectly from your email account, and this will be completely safe
  5. Send messages with attached files and images