PureVPN for torrent

PureVPN is a well stablished brand when it comes to paid VPNs, and there are a good amount of reasons for that, but how good is PureVPN for torrent?

We have done a research and testing process before coming to this conclusion, and we can finally say that yes, this VPN is highly recommended for torrent in general, it has multiple advantages over other VPN in the market.

Starting off, PureVPN will completely remove any type of blockage you might have on Utorrent, whether it comes from your ISP, your government or similar fonts. It also keeps you secure from torrents that might contain any sort of malware or virus.

Of course, as any other VPN, it will change your IP and give you a high degree of anonimity, but the best thing is the amount of available IPs and the different choice of servers available make it a great choice.

They do currently have a number as big as 2000 and up of globally stablished servers, having different ones on every single continent.

They are known for having zero limitations against users that constantly use file sharing or file downloading, which is specially good for torrent users. They don´t slow down the flood of traffic related to downloads under any circunstance, no matter what you will always have the top of the speed available by them!

PureVPN had been posted in many trustworthy sites as a sign of showing that is a legitimate service and one of the best VPNs out there. It has been featured on The New York Times and PC Magazine, among many others. Not only that but there are literally thousands of user reviews on their TrustPilot page which makes them of one of the highest prestige VPN services out there.

PureVPN claims to not keep any logs of your information once you get through one of their servers, and this is so that their users don´t have to worry about whoever is looking their activity.This can be good for multiple reasons, being personal privacy and work purposes the main ones among many others.

About their cost, is highly affordable compared to many others on the market, while it gives you the security of that you know you are the good hands of a big, well known brand. They allow many different payment methods so that it doesn´t matter where you are in the world you will most likely find a common way of payment available in your country!

Also, if you choose one of their long time plans such as the 2 years plan, you will get a huge discount as high as the 70% mark and around. This is because they know once their clients try their service, they usually like it and come back for more.

Out of all the VPN out there, i personally tried their download speed and the rates are very close to the original download speed without use of VPN, which is something completely amazing.

We definitely recommend PureVPN for torrent and we hope you give them a try, you won´t feel disappointed!