MobiShield Antivirus Review 2021

Mobile devices have become so advanced that they have long been the object of interest of attackers. To protect yourself from intrusion on personal information and money, you need to use a mobile antivirus like MobiShield.

What a mobile antivirus should be able to do?

With the advent of various smart gadgets and devices in the world of IT technology, there are more and more viruses and malware that can significantly impair the performance of any device and thus ruin the life of its owner. And smartphones, in this sense, are no exception.

Modern mobile antivirus must have several required “skills”:

  • First, scan both the device’s internal memory and data on the memory card, detect and block “viruses”, as well as other threats.
  • Second, device validation should be automatic, for example, using task schedulers in the program itself. At the same time, it must be possible to scan manually at any time.
  • Thirdly, in the modern mobile antivirus, the specific function of checking of applications, both before installation, and after, in the course of use is simply obliged to be present. And this utility should work automatically. This feature provides constant protection and the user does not need to scan the device every time after installing a new program.
  • The fourth important point is the relevance of viral databases. The program should constantly update this data automatically, although the ability to manually update is also desirable. In the dynamic world of mobile devices, updates should occur several times a day.

These and other points are the main and most important limits of modern mobile antivirus capabilities. Together, they allow you to block viral threats, as well as monitor the cybersecurity system of your device, whether a smartphone or tablet.

Keep your system safe with MobiShield Antivirus

MobiShield is an antivirus for smartphones with full scanning and real-time protection. With the help of this program for smartphones, you can not only provide reliable protection against viruses and malicious files in real-time but also effectively manage processes and tasks, auto-launch applications, as well as control Internet traffic with the ability to set a monthly limit. In addition, MobiShield antivirus has many additional tools that can significantly improve the performance of your smartphone and prevent unauthorized connections to the Internet. The utility for cleaning out obsolete and unnecessary files will help you quickly solve the problem of free space in the phone memory and on the memory card, and the built-in firewall will provide reliable protection against network connections by third-party applications.

In more detail, the program has three main modes:

  • Scanner – using this mode, we can perform a quick or full scan of the memory of our smartphone, as well as view the log of the program.
  • Manager – using this mode we can work with the manager of running applications, go to the list of the application manager, as well as on/off. the option to automatically load the program in certain applications.
  • Tools – using this mode, we can clean the smartphone system from garbage and update the anti-virus databases of the program (it was not possible to update the databases).

MobiShield also provides some functions that are activated in case of loss of the device. A stolen smartphone can turn on a siren, inform about its location on Google Map. The user can remotely lock the device, as well as delete confidential data from the smartphone’s memory.

The program is designed for devices running Android 1.6 and higher. You can download it from here. The program is free. There are also versions for Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile.