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Expensive Laptop

Most Expensive Laptop Every year around 50 to 60 million laptops are sold worldwide. Different brands manufacture different types and configured laptops for the regular consumer. But there some high profiled consumers who own the world’s most expensive laptops manufactured by the top manufacturers. Some of the laptops are priced more than 1 million dollars. […]

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Types of laptop motherboards

Types of laptop motherboards and Their Parts Motherboard is the core component of any branded PC, Laptop or Tablet. Various motherboard manufacturing company manufactures different types of motherboards for various Laptops. Sometimes the company itself manufactures its own motherboards. ASUS, GIGABYTE, Micro-Star International are some of the top Laptop Manufacturer. They have maintained very good […]

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Universal laptop charger

About laptop charger Like laptop comes different brands, shape and size, its charger and its port also comes in different shape and sizes. You cannot use one brand’s charger to another brand’s Laptop. Depending upon the power it consumes and system your laptop is built in, laptop chargers and laptop adapters are needs different configures. […]