Dog Camera With Treat Dispenser

How to Pick the Best Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser?

There are lots of pet cameras that let you monitor your pets when you’re away. They come with lots of fun and useful features that come in handy as long as your dog gets used to it. You can talk to your pet, give it treats, play games, etc. Let’s go over the features you can expect and the top manufacturers to choose from.

What You can Look for in Such Devices

First of all, you need to get a camera that delivers a high-quality image. It can be HD or even Full HD. However, mind that this kind of video takes lots of storage space. This is why you should learn about the storage capabilities like the cloud or the TF card. Some cameras have a digital zoom and motion detectors. In the latter case, it’ll start recording only when the movement occurs. There are models that create short videos at the end of the day with the highlights of the events. You can download it on your smartphone with one click.

Another great and fun feature is the two-way audio. The device will not only record or stream the video with the sound but will also let you talk to your pet. As soon as your dog gets used to it, you’ll help it feel less lonely when you are away as and handle some situations. It’s a wonderful feature for those pets who have behavior issues or very loud. You’ll be able to calm it down saying the commands via the application.

Some modern gadgets even have special treat dispensers to encourage your dog. After playing a game or giving it a command, you can opt to give the god a treat. You can also set up automatic delivery. While some models need you to watch the treat level, some come with the sensor and automatics refill via Amazon Dash.

A Popular Option Worth Your Attention

In case you are looking to buy a decent camera, a dog camera with treat dispenser PetCube Play will be a wonderful solution. There are two versions of this model. We’ll discuss the new one. It comes with many features that include:

  • Laser toy,
  • Alexa (in the latest version),
  • 2-way audio,
  • HD video,
  • 4x zoom,
  • Sound and motion alerts,
  • Night vision,
  • A dedicated app, etc.

This device may be used for both cats and dogs. It’s quite expensive but very easy to set up. Aside from the HD video, you’ll get the full-room view (160-degree angle). You’ll also get a multi-day cloud video history, both pet & human detection. You may also set up bark or meow alerts and get them on your phone. Most users give excellent feedback on this device and are completely satisfied with it.

While it’s an excellent toy with a precise laser for you to play with your pet or to set up automatic games, this model doesn’t have a treat dispenser. If this is a significant feature for you, Furbo Dog Camera is a better solution. It costs the same but has a treat tossing feature and the cool dog selfie alert. Mind that it was designed for dogs only and delivers plenty of unique features like doggie diary that brings the highlights of the pet’s day in the 60-second video that you can save on your smartphone.