Antivirus for iPhone 8

Having bought a brand new long-awaited iPhone, I want, of course, how to protect it as much as possible and extend its life. To avoid mechanical damage, chips and scratches on the screen, you buy a bumper for Iphone 8. And what is needed to protect the gadget system? Of course, it’s a good antivirus for iPhone, because it’s impossible to go online or throw music on your smartphone and not catch the virus. In this article, we have compiled a list of security programs that have become popular with iPhone owners around the world.

Below is a selection of iOS security apps.


Avira Anti-Virus has already been proven effective for laptops and desktop computers. Whether the mobile version of Avira Mobile Security will have the same ability to find malware is not yet clear, but the application includes very useful and interesting features. The application has several modules responsible for different areas of protection.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro can check your phone’s system configuration for problems and inconveniences, and a secure QR code scanner allows you to open secret links. The location of a stolen or lost device can be determined via Wi-Fi, GPS or cell towers.

Lookout mobile security

In the list of security programs for iPhone, this application takes the first position. In addition to being a great antivirus, Lookout Mobile Security also determines the location of your lost or stolen smartphone. The phone synchronizes with your computer via the GPS service.


The most powerful antivirus to protect your phone from “worms”, Trojan and dangerous viruses. At the first threat, McAfee warns you, and you can remove the infected file from the gadget in time. A positive quality is that the program creates an online backup of phone files and blocks sites and pages on the Internet that could pose a threat to the iPhone system.


Another top-end antivirus that helps fight viruses and keep track of the location of your smartphone, which is extremely useful for theft or loss thereof. In addition, Norton antivirus protects your phone and data while you are using the Internet and warns of malicious links.

Detective Antivirus

A great antivirus for your iPhone, which best protects your smartphone from malicious links and sites on the Internet, downloading corrupted files, photos and music. If you are an active user of social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is the best application for your phone.


Another worthy candidate for inclusion in this list is VirusBarrier. It allows you to scan phone data and permanently delete corrupted files. Protects the system while you use the Internet, as well as scan online received files and mail.

When you are going to buy a bumper for iphone 5, do not forget also about protecting the iOS system of your phone, and download useful applications to optimize its work.

F-Secure SAFE

The F-Secure SAFE app is one of the best security tools for iOS. To begin with, it has its own browser that supports the safety of users while navigating the Internet, reducing the risk of infection by restricting access to malicious sites.

F-Secure SAFE checks all visited sites and reports whether they are “trusted”, that is, whether it is possible to use card payment on them.

In the event of a telephone loss, F-Secure SAFE also uses a number of useful options, including a location tool and an alarm. However, the application does not imply additional options, such as erasing data or remotely locking the device.