AMD Laptop

Overal information about AMD Laptop

Computer world is currently running on two types of processor. And both of them has some advantages and disadvantages over one another. Whenever you are buying your computer, you might hear the word Intel. Intel is basically a computer processor made by Microsoft Corporation. It is the most popular computer processor all over the world. It provides various versions and generation of the processor for your desktop and laptop. Well, it is not the only computer processor making company. AMD also makes computer processor and it is the second largest company who are making computer and mobile processors. AMD is competing with the Intel for a number of years. They are improving their processor quite fast and trying to bit Intel.

Intel & AMD has some advantages over one another running the fastest laptop or desktop depending on their price and the performances. Intel is mainly a 4 core processor but AMD comes with 8 cores. If you don’t play games on your PC or Laptop then AMD processor will be the best choice for you and your regular computer works. But if you love games and do graphics works on your computer then Intel gives you the best experiences over AMD Laptop.

Today’s many laptop manufacturers are using AMD processor over Intel because of the types of the consumers need and service they require. It is cheap and very fast also have some extra advantages in usage and power consumptions. Some advantages of AMD Processor Laptop over Intel Processor Laptop are,

  1. Cheaper than Intel: Compared to Intel processor laptop, AMD is cheaper. The main reason may be described as because of their popularity. AMD is not that much popular than Intel. Sometimes you can find very few people actually know about the AMD processor.
  2. Can Detect Malware: AMD laptop comes with EVP which can detect malware on any application before you run it over the processor. Which is cool.
  3. Easy handle for 64bit Application: AMD processor can easily handle the 64bit application and gives you the best performance. As it is made aiming the modern age.
  4. Good graphics compare to Intel: With the price range AMD offers, it provides better performances compare to Intel processor laptop. It helps the producer to keep their computer price low.

AMD laptop has some heating issues for its processor compared to Intel. It often happens how much load you put on running an application on the AMD processor Laptop. It is far behind than Intel processor Laptop based on the popularity as they started recently.

AMD processor producer is coming to the market with the big hit to complete the Intel high-end processor. Recently they launch their Ryzen 2 series to bit the Intel, and they are coming with some more upgrade soon.